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I’ve made a lot of money with my data mining techniques. I perfected these techniques over many years, and now I realized I need to document this…

So I stuck a camera to my helmet as I went into the Facebook Goldmine….

… and recorded every single step I took to go right into to richest source of gold in the quickest time possible.

I recorded it all

and you can watch over

my shoulder and

follow and copy everything I do…

  • You can see exactly what the route is…
  • You can see exactly which path you need to take to go directly to the huge mass of gold that’s very deep inside…

YES, that’s exactly what you are getting here:

The Complete FB Prospector Experience

Every step, every move, every techie trick…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can do for you…

Let alone 24 videos….

Each one of them guiding you through Facebook’s Goldmine and showing you how to take massive action and get to the money


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Here is what people say about it...

According to the latest news, more than one billion people used Facebook in a single day!! Can you imagine how much golden "data" you can find there?! No wonder many successful marketers are mining a lot of their profits there.

FB Prospector is a newbie friendly video course that reveals how to create your own goldmine on Facebook, easily and quickly!

If you are ready  to build a profitable cash machine, do yourself a favor & get this today!

Andreas Spyrou, Internet Marketing Expert

“One of the great things about advertising on Facebook is that you can laser focus on your target market. There is an incredible treasure trove of data in Facebook’s ad platform to help marketers. So much data that sometimes people get overwhelmed. More importantly most people do not know how to analyze this data in a systematic way to maximize its usefulness. As someone who has advertised significantly on Facebook I can tell you it can get expensive to learn using the trial and error method. That is why I highly recommend Facebook Prospector. Facebook Prospector takes you through all the steps required to run campaigns using Facebook advertising. There are many courses that do this. Where Facebook Prospector is different and where it excels, is in showing you how to use and analyze the market data that Facebook provides and how to analyze the data that is generated by your ads. It is the analysis of this data that will lead you to your “golden nuggets”.  Anyone using Facebook’s advertising platform should get this course. I highly recommend it.”

Bruce Wells

Iva is like a CSI investigator. Only she doesn’t use her skills to find a killer. She uses them to make a killing… on Facebook. And she shows you — using super-simple techniques a math-challenged 10-year-old can follow — how YOU can make a killing too. If you’re serious about making money online, then you need to use serious powertools. And Iva’s tools are the simplest, most impressive, FB-money-making tools I’ve ever seen. Would the CSI guys try to track down a perp without taking DNA samples and sticking them in some spinny thingy? Hell no. Those tools give them an unfair advantage. They always win. And that’s why you should use Iva’s CSI tools to make money with FB. This is the real deal. Grab Iva’s treasure map now while it’s still available for sofa change. That sofa change might change your life too. And, if you really want an unfair advantage, grab her look-over-her-shoulder videos where she shows you EXACTLY how to find the FB gold with no sweat. This is a game changer. Don’t miss out.

John Crosbie,

"It's rare to find a program which takes you directly to the money on Facebook, uses a method which is proven to work and is delivered in a way which is fun to learn and fast to implement. FB Prospector does all of this and more. I strongly recommend you invest in this right now and start making money from the richest goldmine on the internet - Facebook."

Michael Cheney

Now, you could of course do things the old fashioned way, read the manual and follow the path step-by-step on your own.

Yet, data mining is like riding the bicycle:

You do not master it by reading about it, you master it by doing it.

And it’s not just the data mining, consider also the techie stuff you MUST manage…

Anyhow, if you are anything like me, you like to see how things work. Reading is great, but it’s just not the same as seeing the action.

So, if you want to jump right in the action, if you want to proceed with speed and ease, if you want to

Get on the Quickest Route to the Gold,

the FB Prospector Experience training is for you. Here is why:

  • You will get a grand tour of the goldmine and become familiar with all its nooks and sparkling crevices.
  • After that you will immediately start building your own mining operation: no watching from the sidelines - you will get straight down to your business; hands on experience all the way…
  • You will stake your claim, create your own audiences and test them in real life.
  • You will master the one absolutely essential technique that keeps you on track to the riches.
  • You will unearth the key stepping stone to success in your niche.
  • You will learn how to step on the shoulders of the most successful people in your field and build on their strengths.
  • You will master ‘x-raying’ and profiling your competition and using this intelligence to your advantage.
  • You will discover a rarely taught data mining trick that will keep your audiences in top shape and up-to-date.

    This will all unravel right in front of your eyes… and you can stop, replay, copy, implement - when you want, at your own speed…

    And there is more:

    • You will learn how to strike gold from real life examples.
    • You will discover an exclusive data mining technique to single out lucrative niches.
    • You will learn how to avoid a major fallacy in assessing the interests of your audiences.
    • You will practice segmenting your audiences and recognizing when it’s necessary.
    • You will master setting up various Facebook campaigns.
    • You will install the magic mirror on the wall to reflect the most profitable of them all.
    • You will discover how to get crystal clear view of your ads’ performance.
    • You will go step by step through the process of selecting winning ads and multiplying their power.
    • You will leverage Facebook’s power to expand relatively small audiences to enlarge your prospecting territory.
    • You will learn how to trim and purify your audiences in order to maximize your return on investment.

      Now, I have to point out one danger of the method I am sharing with you: you could get so captivated by trimming, tweaking and testing your ads and audiences that you totally forget about time… you could also possibly forget about checking your emails, Facebook newsfeed, and other infotainment.

      It happened to me. And then I deleted hundreds of superfluous emails in one freeing stroke… Talking about trimming…

      Anyhow, the FB Prospector videos will also show you

      • How to whet your audience’s appetite and leave them yearning for more…
      • How to move from gold flakes to solid nuggets…
      • How to zoom in on lucrative audiences faster…
      • What to do about fake gold and ugly ducklings (aka gainful swans)…
      • How to launch your conversion tracking and optimization; step-by-step…
      • Painful examples of what you must absolutely avoid while testing and why…
      • How to bite the gold nugget, master your numbers, and make more profits…
      • How to set up your command center to increase your return on investment…
      • The one crucial strategy that will turn you into a winner…
      • And much more including…

        … detailed videos which will introduce you to your Mining Gear and give you step-by-step instructions to set up all the necessary processes so that you do not get tied down by techno troubles and can concentrate on clients, conversions & cash…

        Anyway, you are most likely reading this because you want to make money. So let’s get going, build your own FB Goldmine and make your dreams come true with:

        The complete FB Prospector

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        • Witness how several audiences changed over six month…
        • Get tips how to tweak and trim audiences to zoom in on the hungriest buyers…

        Let me guide you by the hand directly to the money..."


        Dr. Iva Embley

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